Terms & Conditions:

  • IL.ranch company provides game and media 3d content for digital platforms via CG marketplaces;
  • IL.ranch 3d content may participate in official/personal 'sale off';
  • IL.ranch company does not give gifts, vouchers, giveaways etc. to anyone;
  • IL.ranch company can make price changes down to free (inclusive) depending on specific CG marketplace;
  • IL.ranch company does not provide any refunds;
  • IL.ranch company operates with legal basis on specific 3d platform marketplace;
  • IL.ranch company doesn't provide any screenshots or media of 3d content (except marketplaces descriptions screenshots/media);
  • IL.ranch provides full support for real customers i.e. with invoice numbers provided;
  • IL.ranch company doesn't make contract/freelance work;
  • IL.ranch company doesn't make adult, 18+, erotic etc. content;
  • IL.ranch company provides to customers higher versions (lower version already purchased) of 3d content for free.