'Under Siege'

Modular Sci-fi Environment
Under Siege (Unreal)

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1. Overview
2. Setup
3. Simple Gameplay (Principled)
4. Response Area
5. Turrets
6. Bullets
7. Enemies

1. Overview

'Under Siege' is a modular constructor (with gameplay) for creating cyberpunk sci-fi environments: station-like, tech fly islands-like etc.


  • modular sci-fi grounds double sided;
  • sci-fi props variety;
  • 5 types animated turrets (models);
  • 2 types enemies (models);
  • turret gameplay: search target, aim, fire;
  • turrets setup: fire rate, aim time, search radius (via response area);
  • bullet gameplay: target hit;
  • bullet setup: fly speed, damage;
  • explode effect (particle based);
  • enemy gameplay: direct fly from spawner;
  • enemy setup: fly speed, health (armor);
  • realized gameplay: turret fire -> enemy hit -> enemy destroy;
  • red-hot turret barrel effect (long fire time makes red-hot turret barrel; idle - cold barrel);
  • colorful bullets (see video preview);
  • enemy spawner;
  • utilized ue4 physics;
  • textures 4K;
  • 100-5000 tris;
  • LOD's.

2. Setup

This is a Asset Pack type:

3. Simple Gameplay (Principled)

In order to make gameplay (out of the box) you should:

  • Drag and drop to your own scene blueprint BP_USResponseArea, stored here: \Blueprints\System
  • Drag and drop BP_USTurret3 (turret3 has fast aim time) turret from \Blueprints\Turret
  • Turret must be placed inside BP_USResponseArea wire sphere
  • Drag and drop BP_USFlowSpawner, stored here: \Blueprints\System
  • Make sure spawner arrow directs to response area wire sphere
  • Something like this:

  • Principled action scheme ready. It's time to make some adjustments. See below.

4. Response Area

BP_USResponseArea blueprint (\Blueprints) is a primary service actor for turrets and for enemy ships. Details:

  • Any turret must be placed inside ResponseArea actor for correct working;
  • Any enemy ship fly through ResponseArea becomes a target of a turret (random order for multi targets);
  • Response areas may be overlapped. Response order by internal UE4 engine calculations.
  • Adjustment of response area 'trigger' radius:

5. Turrets

There are 5 turrets types (models):

  • Down Turret - tick for bottom turret placement;
  • Yaw and Pitch aim speed - movement speed for turrets heads (look at current target);
  • Fire Rate - fire speed in seconds (lower values = faster);
  • Ready Time - timeout before first shoot (turret preapare time);
  • Gun Anim Rate - animation speed for gun (just visual).

6. Bullets

There are some bullets for turrets types:

  • Abs Life Time - absolute life time for actor. After that will be erased from scene;
  • Speed - bullet speed;
  • Damage - bullet power.

7. Enemies

There are 2 types of enemies (models):

  • Enemy Health - health (armor) for the ship;
  • Speed - movement speed;
  • Abs Life Time - absolute life time for actor. After that will be erased from scene.