'Smile Girl'

realtime 3d character

operated by C# scripts

...work in progress...

'Smile Girl' is a realtime girl character made for Unity3d environment, HDRP pipeline. 'Smile Girl' exist only in Unity3d and can't be extracted and\or used somewhere else. In fact .fbx 3d model is a just array of vertices. C# scripts produces all appearance.
Here is 3 smiles variants. Each of it made (realtime, C# script control) using ~70 morphs (blendshapes). Also calm face is not a 3d model .fbx state but ~40 C# controls/morphs network:
SMG 2024

Обработка видео...

complex SSS skin material, lips 'glue-like' effect, eyes direction, eyes blinking, eye micromotion etc. - I am not even talking about.

Girl body preview:

smile girl - body

Обработка видео...

Girl body animation motion example:

smile girl - body motion

Обработка видео...

Realtime eye pupil (and face expression) sensitive to light intensity. More light = small eye pupil; Darkness = big eye pupil (+face expression network):

smile girl - light to eyes sensitive

Обработка видео...

Realtime muscle and tremble simulation (Depending of bone angle):

smile girl - muscle

Обработка видео...

Skin micro details (skin folds) depending of bone angle:

smile girl - micro details

Обработка видео...

Cloth pressure and cloth trace on skin:

smile girl - cloth pressure and trace

Обработка видео...

Goose skin depending of different conditions:

smil girl - goose skin

Обработка видео...

Realtime face tone and face + body specularness (oiled / wetness):

smile girl - skin tone and specular

Обработка видео...

Gyroscope for different details:

smile girl - gyroscope orientation

Обработка видео...

Cloth system. Skirt example. No Unity cloth used, no Unity physics used, no Rigidbody, no Colliders, no Morphs/Blendshapes used, no Skin weights data, no cloth Mass Spring idea used, no any rays intersetions, no skinnedmesh used. Mesh vertices and C# script used:

smile girl - cloth system

Обработка видео...

Separate face phonemes speech simulation:

smile girl - lips speech simulation

Обработка видео...